cheyef 7alak

cheyef 7alak

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) has been an opinion leader and trendsetter ever since its inauguration.

As a continuous responsibility towards the Lebanese citizens, a civic reform campaign “Cheyef 7alak” was launched to lead by example and achieve reform within the various communities. It is a civic movement based on citizen journalism that gives every Lebanese citizen the power to report irresponsible and dangerous behaviors, for a better Lebanon.

The campaign is a joint effort between LBCI & Impact BBDO, and is led by LBCI’s Chairman & CEO Pierre El Daher and LBCI Deputy Chairwoman Randa El Daher who monitored closely the artistic aspect of the campaign and its content.

The campaign extended beyond Lebanon to embrace the Middle East and neighboring regions, garnering 18 awards at the Arab Media Festivals; thus, setting a record for most awards won by an Arab or regional media campaign.

In details, the campaign garnered 10 awards at MENA Cristal, 6 awards at Gold Lynx, 1 Gold Effie award for best use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and another Lynx silver award.

It is worth mentioning that Cheyef 7alak has been nominated for the Cannes International Festival’s award as well.

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