Randa Saad El-Daher, for over 30 years a key player in the media industry within the Arab world, had been the Deputy CEO of LBCI .

In 2010 she had responsibilities for the ongoing restructuring processes in each business entity of LBCI in addition to managing the higher echelon decision-making process.

In 2006 she founded Red Media, a consulting boutique company doing business mainly with Ministry of Information in the Mena region helping them restructure the media sector and bringing in new innovative ideas
In 2004 when LBCI signed the deal to restructure Iraqi TV, Mrs Saad El- Daher supervised the new look and feel, the grid structure as well as the training of the team.

In 1998 she managed and delivered the project of video streaming LBCI News on the Internet, making it the first Middle Eastern news show to accomplish this feature.

In 1996, with LBCI’s expansion into the first free-to-air satellite operation in the Middle East, Mrs. El Daher became the manager of the new media entity; a role which placed her in charge of developing the direction of LBCSat and allowed her to bring original concepts to life TV screens in the region.

And so, in this capacity, she supervised LBCSat’s expansion from the Middle East into Europe, United States, and Australia; thus, launching LBC Europe, LBC America and LBC Australia.

In 1994 she created new and original concepts with high audience including “Saret El Se3a 8”, “Btekhsar Eza Ma Btelaab” and the first reality show in the Middle East Miss Lebanon pageant in 2003, etc…

As head of LBCI Set Designs, from when she started with the company in 1985 till 1997, she envisioned and oversaw the development of unique concepts and set designs that broke the mold in the Arab world and grabbed the attention of regional audiences, including events such as Byblos on water floating stage, Miss Lebanon and Phoenix de la Pub. Mrs El Daher also designed the premises of production company PAC in Kfaryassine, Adma, including the studios.

From 1986 till 1997 she assumed as well the responsibility for LBCI’s Graphics Department; and it was during this period that innovative concepts and 3D animations were introduced for the first time in Lebanon and the Middle East, including the concept of “break in & break out”.

Randa S. El Daher with her husband Pierre El Daher at LBCI news gallery
Randa el Daher and Pierre el Daher

In addition to her work in television, she has designed TV studios (News and Variety, PAC and LBCI), and the office buildings of PAC Production House in Adma, in addition to private houses.

Her efforts have also extended beyond the corporate world to academia, where in 1989 at IESAV in Université Saint-Joseph she dedicated herself to teaching design and media courses to Lebanese students in the region.

In addition to her wide experience, Mrs. El-Daher has followed studies in international affairs, interior architecture and design. She is well acquainted with different cultures and lifestyles as a result of her numerous internships, studies and work experience in the United States, Italy and England.
Mrs. El-Daher resides in Lebanon with her husband Pierre and three children.

Randa S. El Daher with her husband and her 3 children Ray, Peter Joe and Yara Randa, Pierre el Daher and their children

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